About QDVF

At QDVF we like to change paradigms of people, so we do not take anything for granted until proven otherwise.

Our motto: We provide the evidence to inform the discussion

The main objective will be to share interesting and challenging counter-culture perspectives and opinions from a Roman Catholic point of view, specially those related to faith, theology and common misconceptions about Catholicism. Additionally, the blog will be sharing relevant news and pieces of information on these or other regards

This blog will relay on posting from other sources that the editor deems appropriate for achieving the aforementioned objective. Additionally, the editor will share personal opinions and insights regarding Faith matters.

The editor does not claim to have infallibility when choosing the postings; however, all sources will be verified under the light of the Roman Catholic Church beliefs as to qualify the assertions made on the topic being discussed.

The blog’s title “Quodcumque dixerit” is a partial Latin quotation from the last recorded comment made by the Holy Mother of God in the Gospels. The full quotation reads

In Latin: “Quodcumque dixerit vobis, facite”

In English: “Do whatever He tells you”



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