Math believes in God

Lecomte de Nouy, ​​renowned scientist among scientists, said “those who, sincere and honest, do not support the need for a transcendent organizing force is limited to say I do not know. But refrain from influencing others. Those without evidence consistently strive to destroy the idea of ​​God, act in a vile and unscientific “and said that we can make use of probability theory to prove mathematically impossible to explain the beginning of life on earth by chance.

Nouy professor, based on the calculations of Charles Eugene Guye, explains his assertion, which amounts to the following.

Imagine you have a thousand grains of white powder and a thousand black dust grains located in a transparent glass tube, whose diameter is slightly greater than the grains. These grains are placed in the tube so that we see the 1,000 black grains at the bottom, and on them were 1000 white grains. The tube half shows two colors: white and black. The degree of dissymmetry is total, or 1, mathematically speaking: all white beads are then blacks together and equally without mixing. See one half black and half white is, wholly or dissymmetry.

Now the tube, by a closure which prevents the grains fall is attached to a ball-shaped container made of glass.

Say you open the lock and mixed grains fall in the crystal ball. Once there, shake the ball and black and white grains are mixed randomly, giving the appearance of gray. We return to open the tube and we enter the grains, after having agitated. It will be highly unlikely that, again, we obtain the initial result that all whites and blacks are together also, keeping the two initial colors, although the possibility exists, but is negligible.

If we repeat the operation many times, each time stirring the grains, is very unlikely to return to get the total initial asymmetry, but not impossible.

Applying the statistical calculation, we found that the possibility of a return to the original position after each attempt dissymmetry is of 0.489 x 10 to about 600. Obviously, these exponents greater than 100, they lose all human significance. As an example, we know that the distance from the earth to the sun, expressed in microns (thousandths of a millimeter) is only 15 x 10 to 15 (since we are talking of exponential quantities, see the difference with the power increase to 600). As another example of such magnitude that is, it is considered that the age of the earth would be 2 seconds x 10 to 17.

A single protein molecule has a degree of dissymmetry of 0.9, and at least constitute not two but four disimétricamente ordered elements such as carbon, hydrogen, oxygen and nitrogen, as well as copper, iron or sulfur .

One of the simpler molecules, egg albumin, has a molecular weight of 34,500, with a degree of dissymmetry 0.9. Well, to simplify the calculations, we take as simple molecular weight protein like 20,000, and that its elements were only two. The possibility that by chance were combined and appropriately be dissymmetrical of 2.02 x 10 to the minus 321, and so to achieve a single protein, not a whole egg.

Obviously, if we had enough material to mix, and in sufficient time for mixing, shaking eventually end long shot, but the volume of necessary substance that could be given that probability would be that of a sphere whose radius will bring to light to get through 10 to 82 years light, ie over the entire volume of the universe, ie a volume of one sextillion sextillion sextillion larger than the Einsteinian universe.

On the other hand, the probability that a single molecule is formed 0.9 dissymmetry randomly with existing material on earth, would require 10 to 243 thousand million years, but the age of the sun is only 5 x 10 to the 20 seconds. Therefore, under the circumstances, it is impossible for a single molecule of albumin is created randomly, and if, for these things to chance, the opportunity was given to the principle of “the runs”, we would have only a single molecule albumin, no life on earth. Life on earth could only appear after it had cooled, which leaves only 1 x 10 ^ 9 years. Obviously there is not enough time to wrought chance, even giving the best possible conditions.

There are means, above all, we are talking about a single molecule, and that there is a living cell would need to be combined properly million molecules. Needless make probabilistic calculation of what this means to be able to give up the chance.

How we are not all mathematicians, would suffice intuitively realize that if we see a clock there is a watchmaker that created it. Who in their right mind would argue that the clock has been set at random, spontaneous combination of the materials of the universe?

Much more complex than a watch life and yet, there are still fools who say there is no God: “The fool hath said in his heart, There is no God” (Psalm 53).

If there are things that are, by force must be something that has always existed and has in itself the reason for its existence, aseity, for without this being “who is”, there is nothing back there, and today nobody state that brings inert matter itself the reason for its existence, while at the same time, we know that living things, either.

We only have God, right?

Why, then, there are some who argue that God does not exist? Very simple, as Virchow said, great biologist who lived in the former USSR, there are only two possibilities: creation or spontaneous generation, but although spontaneous generation is not scientific and never will be evident, since on principle reject God, accept spontaneous generation. Virchow was tributary to the society in which he lived, but that recognition of God, conversely, is very significant.

Source: Jesús Fernández-Pedrera Correa (


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