A Snapshot of Attitudes Toward Quantum Mechanics & Philosophical Prejudice

How much is the choice of interpretation a matter of personal philosophical prejudice?

Debates about the foundations of quantum mechanics are sometimes perceived as an ideological battle where the objectivity of the scientific enterprise succumbs to philosophical and personal preferences. In our poll, a clear majority sees at least some influence of philosophical prejudices on the choice of interpretation of quantum mechanics. Whether we should be pleased with this realization and the situation in quantum foundations it reflects is difficult to say. In the absence of empirical differences between the interpretations, it is only natural to conclude that one’s decision which in- terpretation to adopt will be influenced by personal preferences and beliefs. Of course, some may hope that this situation will be merely temporary, and that we should strive to settle the question of interpretation in a definitive way.

Source:  Maximilian Schlosshauer, Johannes Kofler, and Anton Zeilinger, Jan 2013,


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