Christianity: The Greatest Psychic Revolution

The victory of Christianity over paganism has been said to be the greatest psychic revolution in the history of Western culture. But the implications of this psychic revolution go well beyond the cultivation of science in the West and also the whole philosophy of domination of nature of which science is only  a part.

For had this revolution never occurred, had the Christians been defeated by indigenous Greco-Roman gods, by gods imported from the East, or by both, the West would have known only a fraction of the social, economic, cultural, and intellectual history that has been a continuous flow from the earliest centuries of Christianity.

Neither the powerful strain of active, advancing organization that is manifest in all areas of life and thought, nor the progressive philosophy of history that has endowed life with such a richly optimistic flavor through two millennia, would have been possible apart from the victory of Christianity.

Source: Robert Nibset (1982), “Prejudices: A Philosphical Dictionary”, Harvard University Press


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