What science can tell us about the beginning of the universe


A phenomenal series of quotes from a serious physicist that reviews the most recent advancements in science to elucidate the existence of God…(wait for more quotes that complement today’s post):

We should begin by clarifying what science can really tell us about a beginning of the universe and supernatural causation. First, unlike philosophy and metaphysics, science cannot deductively prove a creation or God. This is because natural science deals with the physical universe and with the regularities which we call “laws of nature” that are obeyed by the phenomena within that universe. But God is not a phenomenon or regularity within the physical universe; science cannot say anything about God

Moreover, science is an empirical and inductive discipline. As such, science cannot be certain that it has considered all possible data that would be relevant to a complete explanation of particular physical phenomena or the universe itself. It is always open to new data and discoveries which could alter its explanation of particular phenomena and the universe. This can be seen quite clearly in revisions made to the Big Bang model.

So what can science tell us? It can identify, aggregate, and synthesize evidence indicating that the finitude of past time in the universe as we currently know it to be or and conceive it could be. Science can also identify the exceedingly high improbability of the random occurrence of conditions necessary to sustain life in the universe as we currently know it to be or and conceive it could • Delete this highlight

Source: Spitzer, Robert PhD New Proofs for the Existence of God: Contributions from contemporary Physics and Philosophy 2010 Eerdmans Publishing
ns Publishing


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