If God is Male = Men are better politicians?

According to Prof. Whitehead’s research, results demonstrate that a masculine image of God is significantly associated with:

Individuals who believe God is a male are more likely to believe most men are better suited for politics, a preschool child is likely to suffer if his or her mother works, it is God’s will that women care for children, or that a husband should earn a larger salary than his wife.

Professor Whitehead, also ponders that given that qualitative research suggests that females might be more likely to view God as a “he”; it is somewhat paradoxical that they would also be more likely to hold a masculine image of God.

From a Catholic perspective one has to remember a few pointers provided by St. Thomas Aquinas, that highlight that God is neither a He nor a She…God is God:

(1) It is impossible to define the essence of God

(2) It is written in the Gospel of St. John(John 4:24): “God is a spirit.”

(3) It is impossible that matter should exist in God.

(4) God is not in a genus

We cannot know what God is, but only what God is not. So to study God, we study what God has not — such as composition and motion.


Whitehead A (2012) Gender Ideology and Religion: Does a Masculine Image of God Matter? Review of Religious Research 54 (2): 139-156

The Summa Theologica of St. Thomas Aquinas Second and Revised Edition


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