Praying for Mr. Right? Get Religion: Study Says


Professors from the University of Texas and Florida State surveyed 1,000 college women in order to identify the link between family background and marital expectations. Their findings parallel what religious people have always experimented, namely:

(A) Surveyed women from two-parent families are much more likely than others to emphasize marriage as an important personal goal, and they also expect to marry sooner. [Mr. Right goes to Church]

(B) Empirical confirmation of a robust association between being in a family structure that is an alternative to the two-parent family and apprehension regarding marriage [So, why to push for the so called ‘Gay Marriage”?]

(C) Religiosity emerges as a potent predictor of both (1) beliefs about the importance of marriage as a goal and (2) expectations about the timing of marriage. [Looking for Mr. Right? Get Religion]

These results suggest that the family values and norms instilled through religion may strengthen commitment to marriage as a personal goal especially among those who have direct experience growing up within a two-parent family—that is, those for whom personal experience and religious values are broadly consistent.


Source: Ellison, CG; Burdette, AM; Glenn, ND (2011) Praying for Mr. Right? Religion, Family Background, and Marital Expectations Among College Women Journal of Family Issues July  (32) 7 pp.906-931


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