After Death: 6 Theories

Theory I. Materialism

Main Hypothesis = Nothing survives. Death ends all of me.

Birth = Aprox. 18 Century

Theory II. Paganism

Main Hypothesis = Shadowy semi-self of ghost survives and goes to the place of dead (Underworld)

Birth = Traces can be found in the Old Jewish Tradition

Theory III. Reincarnation

Main Hypothesis = Survival of the soul and reincarnation into another body. After the soul has fulfilled its destiny reverts to a divine status

Birth = More than 4,000 years ago

Theory IV. Pantheism

Main Hypothesis = Death changes nothing. All is an illusion, including time. The question of what happen after dead is mistaken; the question is not solved but dissolved.

Birth =With Buddhism

Theory V. Immortality

Main Hypothesis= Soul survives death. Soul eventually reaches its eternal destiny of heaven or hell (through intermediate stages)

Birth = Platon

Theory VI. Resurrection

Main Hypothesis = Soul separates from the body and is reunited at the end of the world to its new, immortal, resurrected body.

Birth= First Century


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