To the Modern Man: Read Ecclesiastes First


While the Bible is timeless, the order in which we can read it may change according to the sign of the times. Indeed, according to Dr. Kreeft, the modern man should read the book of Ecclesiastes first for “it is Lesson One, and the rest of the Bible is Lesson Two, and modernity does not heed Lesson Two because it does not heed Lesson One” (Kreeft, 1989, p.20)

Dr. Kreeft provide seven ways/reasons behind his recommendation:

1) It is a book about human existence. It deals with the meaning of existence.

2) It show’s modernity’s greatest fear…fear of meaninglessness, of vanity.

3) It shares the best feature of the modern mind as wall as the worst.

4) It answers the question of the greatest good

5) It reminds that while sizing the day is fine, one needs not to forget that is vanity too and all it ends only in death.

6) It shows that life is somewhere in religion and not viceversa

7) The most important of all reasons: It answers  to the question, how do you know the truth?





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