What if…Bible v Science


According to an Atheist blog, the Eastern Connecticut Atheist and Freethinker Fellowship is holding a “Science for Bibles” exchange in which anyone can turn in a Bible and get a science book in return…

This activity is by no means new and it is quite probable that some of our blog readers have been exposed to similar atheist propaganda. Regrettably, participants rarely get up to date scientific books that truly clarify some misconceptions about Faith and Science.

It would be nice to see books such as “New Proofs for the Existence of God: Contributions of Contemporary Physics and Philosophy” or proceedings from respectable conferences, for example: “Complexity and Analogy in Science:
Theoretical, Methodological and Epistemological Aspects” [to be hosted by the Vatican on November 2012], but since QDVF cannot hope for this, we decided to take this opportunity and revist the ‘what if Jesus Had not been born’ question and reply with Kennedy’s list of consequences:

1) Hospitals and Universities were started by Christians
2) Literacy and education of the masses
3) Representative government
4) Separation of political powers
5) Civil liberties
6) The abolition of slavery
7) Modern Science
8) The discovery of the ‘New World’
9) Benevolence and charity ethic
10) Higher standards of justice
11) The elevation of the common man
12) The high regard for human life
13) The civilizing of many barbarian and primitive cultures
14) The codifying and setting to writing of many world’s languages
15) The greater development of art and music

So, no Bible no Science…and no many other advancements

(Source: The New Evidence that demands a veridict, McDowell, 1999)

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