Globalization, Centesimus Annus…Free Book


The Acton Institute has released a free e-book edition of “Globalization, Poverty, and International Development: Insights from Centesimus Annus” for a limited time only.

One subject that never fails to spark debate is globalization. The phrase is used in every possible context, and yet its origins, nature and implications – especially for developing countries – are often misunderstood. In this monograph, Lord Brian Griffiths examines the theory and practice of globalization, and underlines its positive influences on wealth-creation and its success in raising millions out of poverty. Griffiths warns, however, that the benefits of globalization are predicated on the culture that it reflects, and urges Christians to work to ensure that globalization reflects the principles of Christian anthropology, especially as articulated in John Paul II’s 1991 encyclical Centesimus Annus, rather than narrowly secularist alternatives.


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