Religion & Video Games

There is no doubt that video games play an important part of today’s cultural phenomena. ‘Gamers’, as video game players call themselves, profess a kind of devotion towards this hobby that leads them to create specific terminology, customs and rituals that parallel other cultural material.

Now, if this is the case, with certainty supernatural beliefs should play a role in the enjoyment that gamers get from video games. Regrettably, according to O’Dwyer (A former catholic) from Gamespot, the usual depiction of religion is either somehow concealed (or not completely revealed) or is stereotyped. Moreover, Perreault’s study observed that many newer-generation video games equate religion with violence in the game narratives.

Whether these depictions are purposely or unconsciously planned by the video gaming industry, is unknown. However, what is known is the absence of a video game title that portraits religion as something  neither evil nor indifferent…


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