10 Confusions about the Resurrection


Although, it is difficult to provide a definition of resurrection, mainly because no one knows what spiritual technology God uses, we can provide ten alternatives with which the resurrection is sometimes confused (Kreeft & Tacelli, 1994):

1) The resurrected Christ is not a ghost…the resurrected Jesus has a real body.

2) The resurrection is also not just a resuscitation, like the resuscitation of Lazarus…Jesus resurrection is permanent

3) Resurrection is also not reincarnation…since the second one provides you another mortal body.

4) The resurrection is more than simple immortality as conceived by Plato or Gnostic…hence, it is more than freeing the soul from its bodily prision.

5) Resurrection is also distinct from Enlightenment, or Nirvana…Jesus resurrected is a very distinct individual and not part of the One, the All.

6) Resurrection is also different from translation or assumption into heaven…Jesus was not brought back from earth to heaven, but from the realm of the dead back to the earth.

7) Resurrection is also distinct from a vision…Jesus’ resurrection body was seen in public by many at the same time.

8) Resurrection is also not a legend…However wise, legends are only fictions devised by mortal minds.

9) Resurrection is also different from a myth…Jesus’ resurrection is pinned down to a real, specific, concrete time and place in history.

10) The resurrection of Jesus is clearly different that what modernist put in its place: a ‘resurrection of Easter faith’ in the hearts and lives of the disciples…These disciples could’ve never experienced such resurrection of faith without a literal resurrection. If it wasn’t the risen Jesus, then who transformed them and converted the world?


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