Questions that Other Religions answer

Following up on yesterday’s post QDVF continues with the review of other Religions from a Catholic perspective. On this ocassion, the primary questions that each of the five most popular religions aim at answering are introduce (Caldecott, 2009)

Most religions of India tend to ask Who am I?
The answer that commonly emerges is that the innermost self is one with the Absolute.

Buddhism asks, What is the way beyond suffering?
The answer it gives is the Noble Eightfold Path of detachment from the world

Judaism asks, Who are we? or What is our identity as a People?
The answer, people have been called into a Covenant by the One God

Islam asks, What must I believe and do, in order to be rightly guided?
The answer, I must worship the one God only, and follow his Prophet.

Christianity asks, Who is Christ?
The answer, the Son of God, the second Person of the Holy Trinity

If we do not recognize that the other religions have different concerns and different questions, we will continue to be puzzled that no real communication is taking place. We will be speaking in different rooms (Caldecott, 2009, p.29)


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