A donkey…Christ’s mount


As we celebrate the Glorious entrance of our Lord into Jerusalem and sing Hosannas to Him, I would like to focus our attention on the mount that Jesus choose to ride on, that is a donkey.

Since ancient times mythological stories have placed certain emphasis on the ‘vehicle’ that gods/deities use to move from one place to another. For example, in the Egyptian mythology, Ra (God of the Sun) rode on a donkey; similarly, the Greek god Dionysius (God of Wine) had a donkey as medium of transportation.

More importantly, donkeys have play different roles within Biblical accounts. For example, ancient Jew law protected owners from loss caused by the death or injury of a donkey. Within the Bible “stories are often marked through the use of donkeys – for instance, leading, saddling, or mounting/dismounting a donkey are used to show, in the book of Proverbs, a change in focus or a decision having been made”

Similarly, donkeys are used as a measure of wealth in Genesis 30:43 and in Genesis chapter 34, the prince of Shechem is named Hamor (“donkey” in Hebrew). This city was the first capital of the Kingdom of Israel.

In Jewish tradition, The Messiah’s Donkey (Hebrew: חמורו של משיח) refers to the donkey upon which the Messiah will arrive to redeem the world at the end of days. This tradition is rooted in the same passage from Zechariah that we believe to be fulfilled in Palm Sunday:

“Rejoice well, daughter of Zion, shout for joy, daughter of Jerusalem. Behold, your King will come to you: the Just One, the Savior. He is poor and riding upon a donkey, and upon a colt, the son of a donkey.” Zechariah 9:9

Finally, a couple of interesting stories: The first one presents the Persian king Shevor asking Samuel: Why doesn’t your Messiah come riding on a horse? If he lacks one, I’ll be glad to provide him with one of my fast horses! In response to the ridicule of the king, Samuel answers: Do you have a horse a horse that has a hundred shades of color?
The second story comes from the Islamic tradition that states that the deceiver of the world (Dajjal) will be arriving in a white donkey before the redeemer of Islam arrives (Mahdi)

“Then, on the next day, the great crowd that had come to the feast day, when they had heard that Jesus was coming to Jerusalem, took branches of palm trees, and they went ahead to meet him. And they were crying out: “Hosanna! Blessed is he who arrives in the name of the Lord, the king of Israel! And Jesus found a small donkey, and he sat upon it” John 12:12-14

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