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Pray or Not to Pray? That’s not the question…

Now that Lent has begun, it is recommended to increase the time spent on praying; however, there is some reluctancy to pray, since for most it is something that many want to do but do not know how.

Throughout the centuries there have been phenomenal explanations on praying “techniques” provided by great Saints such as St. Therese, St, John of the Cross, St.Francis of Sales and St. Therese of Lisieux. So, the intention here is not to provide a specific way or style rather to introduce some principles, that regardless of the style used, should apply.

According to Jacques Philippe (a great French preacher and priest) there are four praying principles:

Principle #1: What matters is not what one does with the time spent on praying, rather what God does with that time

Praying is about God and not about ourselves. One need not to be concerned with a explicit and tangible outcome from praying; God may choose the time and form in which the outcome will be delivered

Principle #2: What matters is not to Think much, but to Love much

Praying is not necessarily about how romantic or theologically profound our thoughts are, rather is about to love the One who is Love. Praying is to establish a communication with your beloved, in which word could be not needed at all.

Principle #3: One finds God through the Humanity of Christ

Praying is getting to know God better; however, nobody knows The Father, except The Son. Thus, we need to reflect on JesusChrist’s life in terms His Divine Humanity.

Principle #4: Remember God is present in your Heart

Although one could contemplate God at the Eucharist, praise him through the beauty of His creation or listen to Him at Sacred Scripture; He remains within our hearts, as well. We faithfully believe that He is at the deepest level of our sinful and underserving heart

I hope these four principles can help you in your praying life and allow you to increase the time you spend loving God within your heart during this Lent.


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