Sports and God


Clericus Cup

Vatican Football Trophy


I recently began to understand the game of Cricket, and I must say that once I had somebody explain to me the basic rules I have much more respect for the players than ever before.

Maybe something similar has happened to you when a game that you never had paid attention to began to interest you for whatever reason. First, you must have to have some kind of contact with the game (somebody who practices that game or knows about it) in order to ignite that interest.

Then, if the game gets your attention, you may begin to wonder what the game is about and why specific players act or behave in certain ways; or maybe you wonder about the laws of the game.

If the attention is kept long enough, probably you may end it up attending a Cricket event. This could lead to what must of us do nowadays when we need some explanation…we search for online information. I, personally, went to search for cricket info and as you can imagine I got thousands of hits that offered me the “unbiased” perspective on the game and its “professional” expertise on explaining me the rules of Cricket events. But, how to discern who to listen to?

Luckily, I have a friend that has first hand experience, so I went to him and ask him for some clarification about the game and its laws. We ended up having to meet several times (and we still do) in order for me to get acquainted with Cricket and its rules and purpose: in other words, I am still learning, but I enjoy the game much more than ever before.


If you change the underlined words of this story as follows:

Game = Faith

Cricket = Catholic Church

Player(s) = Christian(s)

Event = Mass

Friend = Priest

you will have the same story, but now it will be a conversion story…Isn’t sports a mirroring image of God’s way to call us home?



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