God Does Not Need You

I will serve !


And yet, you are here…not because you needed to be here, but because God out of the most pure love created you. More specifically, we were loved into existence by Him. Therefore, the purpose of life is to love God as He has loved us.

Now, His love is a perfect reflection of His Fatherly figure towards us than act upon our child-like behaviour. Thus, paraphrasing St Paul (1 Cor,11) letter to the Corinthians, when I was a child not only I thought like a child and consequently behaved like a child, but also I deserved to be disciplined like a child…Hence, God’s love works on the premises of my childish ways

God does not need anything, He is God. Everything He wills, is for the sake of that that He wills; in other words, He has no gain on use having us being good or bad, rather we are the ones that either gain or loss everything depending on our decisions. It is for our own sake that God has will our own existence, so as we can share in His divinity and perfection.

God does not need you…yet you are here. Let’s serve the Lord !


PS: I will like to acknowledge Fr. Robert Barron for partially inspiring this post


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