Got Counterculture?…Get Catholic


According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, a culture with values and customs that are very different from and usually opposed to those accepted by most of society is also known as counterculture.

Well, allow me to present a manifesto for all culture rebels out there to become Catholic.

We are against the current culture of death…everywhere you look there is an attack to what keep us alive and kicking…
We are against the killing of innocent human beings…regardless of their age, race, religion and biological state (born or unborn)
We are against the popular game of playing god so as to decide who lives or who dies
We are against governments that impose values that go against human dignity and ethical behavior
We are against the trend of sex-customization that grants people with the right of customizing their sexual behaviors as they please.
We are against the current trend of denying families as the culprit of society and as such allowing for a flexible concept in which a family can be composed of anything people chooses to be.
We are against the fashionably accepted limitation on freedom, where the individual is not free to have religious beliefs.

We have a unique leader, that is not afraid of claiming to be the way, the truth and the life; like no other leader has ever done.
We have a group of ambassadors chosen by the leader who are not afraid to stand against current culture and proclaim the Good News every day from different altars around the world
We have an institution that has been counterculture for more than 2000 years and has consistently make better our society in pretty much any aspect of human life
We have 7 powerful tools that help us resist any current culture infiltrations
We have a magnificent woman who guard us against pop culture beliefs and guide us towards our leader wants us to be.

Rebels of the world, Unite Us! And We will make this a better world

More info: Go to you closest Roman Catholic Church and ask for RCIA services

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