The Vatican, Science…and Galileo

Pop Quiz: What do these topics have in common?

  • Subnuclear Physics: Past, Present and Future
  • New Developments in Stem Cell Research and Possible Application in Medicine
  • Complexity and Analogy in Science: Theoretical, Methodological and Epistemological Aspects
  • Transgenic Plants for Food Security in the Context of Development
  • Human Activities, Neurosciences and the Person

Do you give up?


All are topics addressed on different seminars, workshops and conferences sponsored by (Rum Droll!)… The Pontifical Academy of Science. Not clear enough, well this academy is part of the Roman Curia at The Vatican…so much for Faith and Science being disregarded by The Catholic Church.

On more thing.  The official logo of the Pontifical Academy of Science (see below) has a picture of, who else, Galileo Galilei. Yep, the same character used a primary example of The Church rejecting Science…You gotta love The Church counter-culture behaviour.




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