Salad and Dressing

I do like salads, but if I am honest I like them better with some kind of dressing…because it adds flavour. If I eat the salad plain, then I know is healthy but it does not have as much flavour, but I will never eat only the dressing with out the salad since then it will be not only awkward but also unhealthy.

I recently watched this lecture that makes the case for Atheism 2.0. The presenter (Alain de Botton) argues that atheism is wrong on dismissing religion just because it can not be scientifically “proven”, rather he proposes a new kind of atheism in which the rituals of religion can be absorbed and re-applied into atheistic behaviours. He goes on to say that he likes Christmas carols and visit old churches but dislike the doctrine behind them; moreover de Botton not only agrees on the good qualities religion has, but also asserts the intelligibility of the same. In summary, he states that:

“…my concluding point is you may not agree with religion, but at the end of the day, religions are so subtle, so complicated, so intelligent in many ways that they’re not fit to be abandoned to the religious alone; they’re for all of us” Alain de Botton July 2011

Ok, now here is an example of somebody eating the dressing without the salad. Religion, a concept that has not accepted standard definition/root, is more for the believer than the rituals and customs alone. Indeed, these rituals are important but what supports these is more important. We, Catholics, do what we do because is a way of helping us to connect with our God, not because it ‘feels’ good.

Beautiful churches provide the dressing to our worship, but even in the most humble of all churches in the world one can find the real ‘nutrients’ of the Body and Soul of JesusChrist…that is, so to speak, our salad 😉

As usual, the oversimplification of religion by atheists, is clearly manifested…


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